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A little guidance goes a long way.


Looking to break into UX?

Graduating? Trying to move into UX? Your portfolio is key to unlocking opportunities.

Busy hiring managers often skip applications that lack portfolios. Competition is fierce. Your portfolio can dictate whether you get a call or a form letter.


Increase your chances of landing that pivotal first interview. Work with me on polishing your portfolio and making it shine. I've hired UX talent of all types and know good (and bad) portfolios when I see them. I've reviewed hundreds of job applications and know what it takes to make the first cut.

Together we'll tackle some tough questions:

  • Are you highlighting the right projects?

  • Are you impressing with strong copy and storytelling?

  • Are you using the right visuals to showcase your talents?

  • Are you providing the right details to catch recruiters?

  • Are you standing out with a professional, polished format and structure?


What's included?

A 1-hour Zoom call that covers

  • The 'hiring manager review' - a live demo of how a hiring manager sees your portfolio 

  • An in-depth discussion of key parts of your portfolio (either online or PDF) 

  • A prioritized list of recommendations

Ready to stand out in your job hunt?


A killer portfolio is just the first step.


Before employers look at your portfolio they look at your resume. Make sure you’re highlighting the right skills and experience.

In this session I do a live walkthrough as if I were a hiring manager seeing your resume for the first time. I talk through what I'm looking for, what I'm noticing, and what's missing. 

What's included?

A 1-hour Zoom call that covers:

  • A review of one resume 

  • A review of one cover letter
  • In-depth recommendations and prioritization


UX interviews often involve several rounds. Many involve portfolio presentations and 'scenario tests,' especially for entry level roles. 

I'll help you prepare. We'll review common questions. We'll discuss how to take interviewers through your portfolio and other projects. We'll discuss scenario tests and how to approach them.

What's included?

  • A 1 hour Zoom call to review the roles you're applying for, and your interview preparedness.

  • Two 45 minute practice interviews (Zoom) OR one 1.5 hour practice case study  

  • A prioritized list of recommendations to improve delivery and ace those first interviews! 


For every need.

Sometimes you need a little help from an expert.

Some ways I can help:

  • Expert eyes on a project


  • Skills training

  • Help establishing yourself as a UX expert

  • Guidance with career choice, planning, or progression

  • Research planning

Need help with something?

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